About Security Services Group /SSG

Founded in 2012 in Calgary Alberta, Security Services Group (SSG) grew from being a local security company with only 3 employees to more than 75 employees in 2019. We have diversified our portfolio of services from onsite security guards to maintenance and custody services of facilities for safe watch. SSG has gained years of experience protecting assets like commercial buildings, residential towers, major construction projects, and major oilfield infrastructure. SSG entered the security market at a time when technology in security industry had reached its moderation, SSG was quick in adopting to the new environment and started working in advance security technology services..

In 2014, SSG started its SSG Recon Remote monitoring services, SSG built its own 24/7 solar security units, leased or permanent facility installs and remote monitoring for oilfield and construction clients in Alberta. SSG also started its facility custodial and maintenance division in 2017. Currently SSG has established itself in Canadian market with HQ in Calgary, Operations offices in Edmonton, Burnaby and Toronto providing Onsite Security and Security Technology solutions to various clients in field of Commercial and Residential Management, Developers, Vehicle Dealerships and major Oilfield Infrastructure; providing services directly and via Sub-Division Companies and Partner security companies. 

Corporate Standing


Our mission statement serves as a standard of our company and enables us to weigh our goals and services against it.
Provide efficient and productive Security management and Solutions that will reduce security costs of our clients.
Deliver exceptional customer service that will put a positive impression of our clients in the business world...


Our vision acts as a roadmap of our company, and describes what we as a Security company want to achieve to be sustainable in the world of business.
"We see our company to become one of the leading security providers in Canada. We want to diversify our line of products and services in a way that will fulfill small to large scale service request from our clients”.


Security Services Group strives to continually serve our customers with assurance that each level of service provided is the best. We strongly believe and stand by customer satisfaction. It is our commitment to better understand our customer’s needs and continually improve the way we conduct business at all levels of our operation. By focusing on this, we are able to deliver consistent, dependable and reliable services to all our customers.

Our Affiliations


Security Services Group is proud partner of Alberta Construction and Safety Association. ACSA is also partner in Injury reduction, SSG has COR in process. 


SSG is member of ASIS international. Our service managers are associate and certified members of ASIS and ASIS Canada. 


Many of our Industrial clients use ISN for safety audits and assessment from third party like ISN, SSG holds A+ Green status from ISN assessments. 


SSG is also uses copmlywork for third party safety and company compliance. Clients that require Complywork. 

Toll Free Canada: 1 855 489 6874


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