Licensed alarm agents attend to your site matters and via Two way Comm, Alarms/Strobes, and contact the authorities or field security. 

SSG performs Remote Monitoring services for Commercial Buildings, Offices, Residential Towers and Apartments, Construction projects, and Industrial Yards and facilities. 

Off site video monitoring of Live or Alarm based CCTV system, is one of the latest security practices in the industry. Live video monitoring with latest video analytics can be very effective in security parameter and detecting intrusions or trespassing onto the sites.

Professional and trained agents respond to any site activity accordingly and work with the authorities to Catch criminals while in act. Our security agents handle live situations and communicate important site details to the authorities. Agents handle the footage evidence and prepare copies for the City Police or RCMP when required. Live communication with Security Guards and Authorities is necessary and required to catch perpetrators before damages, important information and knowledge about the physicality of the site can make all the difference. Our Experience security managers perform an in depth assessment of the site before we initiate security and all onsite security guards and monitoring agents are trained onsite and offsite independently and collectively. 

What makes Video monitoring different


Sirens are one of the best deterrents used along with CCTV to warn trespassers and perpetrator about intrusion. Sirens have been used by Law enforcement and Military as an affective tool to inform people about the presence or action that may be taken there after. Our sirens also act as visible deterrent because just by the presence of it, the siren can act as a deterrent. .


Active human voice interaction can sufficiently create fear in perpetrators, it can also be engaged to confirm presence of workers or identify people onsite. Two way communication is best established as remote concierge services and work great for areas that require access control.



Strobes work hand to hand with the sirens and act as a visible deterrent. Sudden flashes of strobe sends clear message that the perpetrator has been detected and further action is to be followed should they not comply.


Accurate and detailed reporting is essential part of security performance and staying up to date with site security details. Our security agents use our real time security reporting procedures and are able to upload real time site security information for the clients to review or for the security supervisor and SSG management to review. We understand the importance of proper site reporting.

Surveillance unit 


24/7 Video Monitoring Trailer

Uniformed security guards with minimum 1 year in experience in construction security, fully trained fro the site. Our onsite construction site security guards are direct contact of any people that arrived on your site. Security guards keep detailed access logs for after hours traffic. Our service managers have a specific security performance monitoring agenda for construction sites, we continuously monitoring our guards to make sure all site security is Intact.


Save over traditional Security Measures

Frontline security or back room security, SSG provides fully trained and professional loss prevention offices in uniform or plain clothed, undercover. 


Time Lapse your Project

Time Lapse your project for documentation or marketing purposes. Recon can collect your data from different vantage points to document different phases of construction. 


View your site from anywhere

Managers and site supervisors can access the monitoring data and access site video logs and cameras. View and identify site activity or access site logs. 

SSG procedures are based on in depth security analysis; our site procedures change based on the changed environment. Our onsite security procedures vary depending on the challenges faced on site. Site procedures become essential part of site training/Recap and post order manual that agents can access anywhere anytime. 


  • Construction and Community Projects
  • Automotive and Recreation vehicle Dealerships
  • Condominiums and Residential Buildings
  • Strip malls and retail shops
  • Commercial business and Industrial yards
  • Remote Industrial facilities / Oilfield / Mining
  • Storage yards and Asset lay-down areas
  • Liquore and Cannabis Stores
  • Golf courses and recreational facilities
  • Distributions centres and warehouses
  • Hotels, Motels and recreation facilities 

Steps to Secure your Site via SSG Process

SSG works with clients to ensure that thier security and safety requirements are met properly. SSG has developed a process that is unique in its implementation. 


Schedule Onsite/Phone meeting to discuss requirements.

Business can have different security requirements and no One solution sometime can be acceptable. Talk to our team on phone or via zoom and discuss your site security matters in detail. SSG is professional security organization, all discussion and meeting are held to professional standards and security issues are kept with utmost discretion.


Get site Assesment and Risk Analysis

SSG will perform a detailed site risk assessment to determine the best solution for your security. Clients are provided the results with costs and the best advise based on the assessment. Once the assessment has been performed and final solution has been determined and selected, SSG will provide site projection security plan and keeps continously client upto date. 


Deployment of Security Solutions.

When it comes to initiating a security plan or onsite security or remote monitoring, the initiation of the site and monitoring has to be closely observed and monitored for first few weeks, sometimes months. Our services managers work very closely with the security team and the clients to overcome any security any site security matters.


Post Security Meetings and Security Performance Measure. 

Ongoing evaluations of the security measures are done on ongoing basis to make sure that your business operations are running 24/7 without any problems or losses. Scheduled site meetings with managers or site contact are made to discuss ongoing performance of the security plan for the site.  



Security Services Group is proud partner of Alberta Construction and Safety Association. ACSA is also partner in Injury reduction, SSG has COR in process. 


SSG is member of ASIS international. Our service managers are associate and certified members of ASIS and ASIS Canada. 


Many of our Industrial clients use ISN for safety audits and assessment from third party like ISN, SSG holds A+ Green status from ISN assessments. 


SSG is also uses copmlywork for third party safety and company compliance. Clients that require Complywork. 

   Industries We Service



Highrise buildings are regularly targeted for vandalism and after hour access control, Remote concierge with automated security measures.



High End Retail security services and Back end support, Loss prevention Officers, and CCTV Video detection and analysis. 



Stockpile or Distribution centers require a very complex and stringent security measures to keep operations intact. Gate Control/Audits.



Oilfield and Industrial facilities require after hour custodial or access control management services, Worker camps and facility control.



With minimum and temporary security boundaries, construction sites are regular target of theft and break-ins. Select from CCTV Monitoring or Onsite Security.



 Important Government Infrastructure requires careful and detailed security checks in order to keep all site traffic and property areas, damage free and operational. 

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