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Security Services Group (SSG) provides onsite guard services, mobile patrols, and alarm response in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary

Multi Residential buildings and Condominium complexes can have hundreds of individual units, with unpredictable traffic patterns and limited after hour access control. Condo management companies can have various challenges in keeping tenants and their units and vehicles secure. Condo Management firms have to provide assurance to the tenants about building security, and a professional and stringent security plan can provide comfort and assurance to the tenants. 


SSG performs various security services from onsite security to technology solutions via different sub companies under Security Services Group Inc.  



We have a team of licensed and trained security agents with years of experience in the industry. From commercial security applications to construction and distribution. SSG agents are at front of security your business instrusts.




SSG Technology services offers a wide range of security services, including remote monitoring, cctv instalaltion. ongoing maintenance, and new installations. From structured wiring to installation to monitoring, SSG solutions ensure your property is secured. 




Businesses have different requirements and without realization, wrong solutions can be applied and occasionally resulting in damages, and no results. Consult with us, and our team will perform a site security and risk assesment to identify proper requirement.


Steps to Secure your Site via Recon Process

SSG works with clients to ensure that thier security and safety requirements are met properly. SSG has developed a process that is unique in its implementation. 


Schedule Onsite/Phone meeting to discuss requirements.

Business can have different security requirements and no One solution sometime can be acceptable. Talk to our team on phone or via zoom and discuss your site security matters in detail. SSG is professional security organization, all discussion and meeting are held to professional standards and security issues are kept with utmost discretion.


Get site Assesment and Risk Analysis

SSG will perform a detailed site risk assessment to determine the best solution for your security. Clients are provided the results with costs and the best advise based on the assessment. Once the assessment has been performed and final solution has been determined and selected, SSG will provide site projection security plan and keeps continously client upto date. 


Deployment of Security Solutions.

When it comes to initiating a security plan or onsite security or remote monitoring, the initiation of the site and monitoring has to be closely observed and monitored for first few weeks, sometimes months. Our services managers work very closely with the security team and the clients to overcome any security any site security matters.


Post Security Meetings and Security Performance Measure. 

Ongoing evaluations of the security measures are done on ongoing basis to make sure that your business operations are running 24/7 without any problems or losses. Scheduled site meetings with managers or site contact are made to discuss ongoing performance of the security plan for the site.  



Security Services Group is proud partner of Alberta Construction and Safety Association. ACSA is also partner in Injury reduction, SSG has COR in process. 


SSG is member of ASIS international. Our service managers are associate and certified members of ASIS and ASIS Canada. 


Many of our Industrial clients use ISN for safety audits and assessment from third party like ISN, SSG holds A+ Green status from ISN assessments. 


SSG is also uses copmlywork for third party safety and company compliance. Clients that require Complywork. 

Industry News and Articles

Stay in touch with the latest security news in your City.

  1.   5 Tips for Preventing Parcel Theft in Residential Condominiums,(Gardaworld/July 13, 2021) The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way most Canadians shop. Now more than ever, residents are turning to online retailers such as Amazon for their essential and recreational purchases, in an effort to stay safe and avoid in-person shopping. Many condominium security desks are now receiving 100 or more packages per day as a result, and this has led to a dramatic increase in parcel thefts—with 1 in 4 Canadians having been a victim of the practice as of December 2020.  Read More!
  2. Residential construction site thefts on the rise in Edmonton areat's been a busy and stressful season for many Edmonton homebuilders. Not only are they facing high costs of supplies, but they are also dealing with building materials being stolen. Chris Chacon reports – Jul 31, 2021 Read More..
  3. Security firms dealing with uptick in oilfield theft amid downturn - Over the years, the industry has devised “tricks” to prevent theft when oilfield activity slows down, which could mean moving equipment from remote locations to a trucking yard where there are more eyes on it.LAUREN KRUGEL CALGARY THE CANADIAN PRESS . Read More. 
  4. Construction Site Theft Prevention: Advice for Canadian Contractors_ As a general rule, whenever the economy is booming, so is the construction sector. And whenever the construction industry enjoys a surge in productivity, so does another time-honoured business, except this one is dominated by bandits and somewhat less helpful to the economy -- construction equipment theft. Read More..
  5. 'The new copper': Spiking wood prices send lumber thefts skyrocketing in Calgary . A sheet of sheathing that once sold for $16 will likely be worth $80 next week when prices bump up again, said Portelance, who's normally only had to worry about his tools being stolen . Author of the article:Bill Kaufmann . Publishing date:May 12, 2021 Read More...

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